Youth group

Is GECB Youth Group for you?

Are you looking for a high school or college & career level group where you can:

  • establish genuine friendships in a godly environment
  • find real answers to your burning questions and spiritual needs
  • participate in unhindered contemporary worship and
  • unwind through exciting fellowship events & activities

If so, GECB Youth and College & Career group is the right place for you!

We will help you plug in, grow in Christ, enjoy the activities of our group and give you many opportunities to serve God.


Every Friday night at 6:30 pm (Youth Group) and 7:30pm (College & Career Group) from mid-September to the end of June.


Greek Evangelical Church of Boston, 1115 Centre Street, Newton MA 02459.

What do we do?

After singing few songs we split into two groups: COLLEGE & CAREER group and YOUTH group (comprised of high school students) for teaching and other activities.


Our purpose is to bring people to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and mature them in their faith and spiritual journey, while having fun and enjoying each others’ company.

In a nutshell, God gets the glory and we get the joy of fellowshipping with God and with His children.

Teaching & Discussion

At the GECB not only do we teach the Word of God, the Holy Bible, but we also discuss. Teaching for each group is conducted at the same time separately in the different facilities of our church. Each group deals with issues relevant and tailored to the needs of the young people that the group is comprised of.

At the GECB we have realized that the youth do not want only to be taught, but also to have the opportunity to raise their concerns and discuss their problems. People want their opinions to count and their concerns and problems to be heard. We understand that what you say to us is as important as what we say to you.

During our discussions the teacher challenges the students and vice versa. Our teaching pastor and his associates have long experience with the youth and college students. Many of our lessons have been the product of direct requests from our youth. Other times the pastors will leave aside his lesson and will have a Q&A session on the spot to provide answers to the pressing questions that students might have.


After the end of each group some young people will stay in the game room of our church for games, while others will go out as a group to catch a movie, or for coffee or dinner.

Also, we participate in various activities throughout the year. A few of them are listed below:

  • every spring we hold our annual retreat here in Massachusetts together with our sister churches in NYC and Chicago
  • every fall we visit our sister church in Astoria NY
  • every winter we go on a weekend retreat to New Hampshire

Child Sponsorship

We have “adopted” three kids, which we support financially through AMG International .

AMG International serves both the spiritual and physical needs of children and families through 77 childcare centers, and sponsorship of over 5,300 children in 14 countries. Through our faithful, caring, and prayerful involvement we try to literally change the world for these three children who might otherwise languish in poverty. The first two children are boys, Douglas and Timothy from Uganda. We also have a little girl from Indonesia. All three live in underprivileged areas. The monthly payments we make for each child provides them with meals, medical supplies, and exposure to the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Do you need a ride?

If you live close by but do not have a ride, please contact us and we will make sure someone will come to pick you up every time!

Got Questions?

If you have any questions or want more info please email us at