Greek School

We run a Greek School at our church that consists of elementary classes, starting from kindergarten and going up to the sixth grade level, as well as an adult class. Students at the school are evaluated with tests and exercises that allow teachers to grade and promote students to the next level. All the classes are held in Greek and provide lessons on the Greek language as well as Greek history and geography.

The Greek School is targeted to all people, children, and adults who wish to learn Greek as a second language.

From the age of 5 and up, students are placed in appropriate classes depending on their skills and knowledge of the Greek language. The classes are held from September until June, every Saturday from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Aside from teaching students the Greek language, our Greek School is committed to teaching our students about Greece’s rich culture and history. A highlight every year is the Greek School’s celebration of Greek Independence Day, where the students dress up in traditional Greek costumes and recite poems, sing traditional songs, and perform plays about the time of independence for their families and members of the Greek community.


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