Greek Evangelical Church of Boston History

The first group of Greek Protestant believers met as a small gathering of immigrants led by Rev. Michael Kantarges in the early 1960’s. At that time, these believers set up formal services in various buildings in Boston Area Churches, namely The First Congregationalist Church on Newbury Street.

The Greek Evangelical Church of Boston was incorporated on July 20, 1964 with 80 members, 40 men and 40 women. In 1970, the local radio program was established under Rev. Argos Zodhiates where sermons in the Greek language were recorded and broadcasted on AM radio. This radio program continues to this day.

The established Greek Evangelical Church of Boston set out to find a permanent church building to purchase and occupy. In 1972, the Greek Evangelical Church of Boston purchased the First Church of Newton from the First Congregational Church of Newton. In 1978, the Greek Evangelical Church of Boston built an addition above the chapel of the church to add new classrooms and two apartments. The apartments provide housing for theology students from Greece and America who come to Boston to study at local seminary schools and upon graduation enter into the ministry. In 1980, the Koraes Greek Institute (School) was established and later the Greek School began for promoting the Greek Language within the church.

The church continues to worship in the Greek language as well as in the English language. In 1996, the Greek Evangelical Church participated in the first Greek Independence Day parade of Boston. In 1997, the Church established two scholarship funds in memory of Rev. Argos Zodhiates and Lazarus Kantarges at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. In 2001, the Church’s parsonage was completed on the side of the Church building on Bowen Street to house the pastor’s family.”

Below is a history of GECB’s ministers in chronological order:

1965 – Rev. Michael Kantarges
1970 – 1979 Rev. Argos Zodhiates
Rev. Paul Sideropoulos serves as English service pastor
1979 – Rev. Haralambos Melides (interim pastor)
Rev. Bill Cornell and Mr. Chris Gewles serves as English service pastor
1983 – 1988 Rev. Emmanuel Smpraos
1988 – 1991 Rev. Sakelis, Rev. Nick Tsaniklides, Rev. Paul Sideropoulos and Rev. Haralambos Melides (interim pastors)
1991 – 1993 Rev. Timotheos Tsohantarides
1993 – 1997 Rev. Panagiotis Kantarges
1995-2000 Rev. Dr. Barry Corey serves as an English service pastor
1997 – 2002 Rev. Georgios Adam
2000 – 2003 Mr. Bradley Bitner serves as an English service pastor
2002 – 2004 Rev. Nick Tsaniklides (interim pastor)
2004 – Present Rev. Kostas Emmanouilidis