Yet I Will Rejoice in the Lord, I Will Be Joyful in God My Savior…

Habakkuk 1:1-10

1The oracle which Habakkuk the prophet saw.

2How long, O Lord, will I call for help,

And You will not hear?

I cry out to You, “Violence!”

Yet You do not save.

3Why do You make me see iniquity,

And cause me to look on wickedness?

Yes, destruction and violence are before me;

Strife exists and contention arises.

4Therefore the law is ignored

And justice is never upheld.

For the wicked surround the righteous;

Therefore justice comes out perverted.

5“Look among the nations! Observe!

Be astonished! Wonder!

Because I am doing something in your days-

You would not believe if you were told.

6“For behold, I am raising up the Chaldeans,

That fierce and impetuous people

Who march throughout the earth

To seize dwelling places which are not theirs.

7“They are dreaded and feared;

Their justice and authority originate with themselves.

8“Their horses are swifter than leopards

And keener than wolves in the evening.

Their horsemen come galloping,

Their horsemen come from afar;

They fly like an eagle swooping down to devour.

9“All of them come for violence.

Their horde of faces moves forward.

They collect captives like sand.

10“They mock at kings

And rulers are a laughing matter to them.

They laugh at every fortress

And heap up rubble to capture it.


17Though the fig tree should not blossom

And there be no fruit on the vines,

Though the yield of the olive should fail

And the fields produce no food,

Though the flock should be cut off from the fold

And there be no cattle in the stalls,

18Yet I will exult in the Lord,

I will rejoice in the God of my salvation.

19The Lord God is my strength,

And He has made my feet like hinds’ feet,

And makes me walk on my high places.

Yet I Will Rejoice in the Lord, I Will Be Joyful in God My Savior