Hope in the Midst of a Crisis!

The impact of the major Greek economic crisis has brought on a parallel crisis, a social one, which is destroying the youth of Greece. A typical example of this social crisis is the use of drugs, which is driving young people to misery and a slow death!

With God’s help, certain conscious citizens such as Elias Armenis, his wife Effie and their team, “Passage to Life,” have been struggling since 1983, almost 30 years now, in the center of Athens, with one main concern: To save as many people as possible!

On Sunday, November 4th at 1:00 pm, the Greek Evangelical Church of Boston will host Elias and we invite you to come and listen to him share his shocking experiences with us and show us video clips of their efforts, including powerful testimonies of drug independence. We will also join him for some delicious Greek food as we get to know him and support his work!


If you so wish, please come prepared so that we may support Elias’ efforts with a contribution which will follow the presentation.